Our history

With the growing demand for mezcal from 2012 – 2013, we realized that in different regions there was an increase in monoculture, the search for more maguey grew considerably, dealing a strong blow to the countryside and especially to the people of the towns where was obtained.

Our story begins in 2012-2013, a period in which the demand for mezcal soared, leading to an alarming increase in the monoculture and overexploitation of the maguey. This situation not only threatened our fields, but also the communities that depend on them.

Don Valentín Cortés, an iconic mezcal figure, traveled in 2014 to Australia and shared with Bildo Saravia, importer and representative of the Cortés family brands in the Australian market, concerns about the increasing exploitation of natural resources and mezcal culture. Bildo, a passionate environmental advocate with experience in sustainable livestock management, was deeply moved by the conversation. Upon returning home, Bildo invited Don Valentin to Durango, where he shared his vision for a project that could unite the rich mezcal tradition with ecologically responsible practices at Rancho El Ojo.

Thus was born "Origen Raíz del Espíritu", a brand that is dedicated not only to producing high quality mezcal, but also to protecting and revitalizing the natural environment. From the beginning, we implemented a sustainable approach: we harvest only 10% of the mature magueyes each year, allowing the remaining 90% to thrive and support the local wildlife, such as bats, birds and other animals, which are essential for pollination and the balance of the ecosystem.

This project is a collaboration between the Saravia family and the Cortés family, uniting sustainable ranch management in Durango with the rich Zapotec mezcal tradition of Santiago Matatlán. The Saravia family manages the ranch with proper practices to regenerate the pastures and enrich the land, while the Cortés family continues their family's mezcal tradition, which goes back six generations. Together, we respect every element of the ecosystem, ensuring that our production methods are as sustainable as they are traditional.

Los espíritus de la familia

In 2018 the family of Origen Raíz del Espíritu grows with the arrival of the family of Don Gilberto Angulo Torres, who in 1975, in El Platanar, Durango started with the production of mezcal in the family.

The community of El Platanar is located in the municipality of Topia, Dgo. This region is known as "Las Quebradas" and is known for its beautiful landscapes full of waterfalls, mountains, flora and fauna distinctive to any other region. It is a hidden wonder in the mountains of Durango.

Don Gilberto began his mezcal production with manso and chacaleño agaves, the latter is a tropical maguey endemic to the region and is characterized by the diversity of its notes and aromas. Thus, Don Gilberto built his own Vinata and called it "Vinata Rancho Grande". After a long time and ceasing production due to lack of demand, in 2016 Carlos Angulo Ríos, his son, resumed production and joined the family of Origen Raíz del Espíritu to demonstrate that with every drop of this special mezcal there are months of hard work, wisdom, family unity and above all, hope for the family of Don Carlos, El Platanar and all those who with their efforts are part of a chain in which they are rewarded with economic sustenance, stability, growth and a tomorrow for the new generations.

"Origen Raíz del Espíritu" es más que una marca de mezcal; es un movimiento hacia la sostenibilidad y el respeto por nuestras raíces culturales. Cada botella representa nuestro compromiso con la vida que florece en los campos de Oaxaca y Durango. Al elegir nuestro mezcal, no solo disfrutas de un producto de calidad excepcional, sino que también apoyas un proyecto dedicado a proteger el medio ambiente y preservar
nuestras tradiciones ancestrales.