Located in the region of Malpaís de la Breña, Rancho el Ojo is a ranch with pristine management by the Saravia family whose objective is to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. This ranch presents an incredible opportunity for the sustainable use of wildlife through the certification of the Management Unit for the Conservation and Use of Wildlife. The Saravia family joined the Cortés family and through the traditional knowledge of Don Valentín Cortés the Vinata El Ojo was built where Origen Raíz was born, together they produce a mezcal with much love and respect.


The agave spirit

Mezcal is like a human being, it is a living being that is in constant transformation

"Valentine Cortes"

Our spirits

Origen Raíz - Cenizo

This wild agave, known as “cenizo,” grows on the high-elevation desert plateau of Durango and Zacatecas. Its leaves appear greenish gray and leather. A hardy species, it can withstand frost, allowing it to grow at higher elevations.

Origen Raíz - Chacaleño

Our Maguey Chacaleño, endemic to northern Mexico, is distilled in El Platanar de Sianori, a community belonging to the Municipality of Topia, Durango. Nestled in the Las Quebradas region, it expresses a character as extreme as its origin.

Origen Raíz - Madrecuishe

The Madrecuishe, a microendemic species, offers us a Mezcal that due to its elaboration process and the waiting time for the cut, which is 12 years, is worthy of respect.

Agave Spirit process


El Maguey

Mezcal comes from the word mezcalli “cooked agave”..

Mezcal comes from the word mezcalli “cooked agave”.



All our harvest is maguey capon



We use firewood from the region with environmental sensitivity



Our bakery is pulled by the mule patty.



We deposit the must in open wooden vats for spontaneous fermentation, that is, it does not require the addition of yeasts or accelerators. The natural yeasts come from the nopales, yuccas, sotoles and magueyes that surround the Vinata.



As in alchemy, there is a control of fire, which only the master mezcalero maintains with patience.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.