“When we drink mezcal, we not only drink the spirit of the maguey, we drink the spirit of Mexico” MisMezcales
    The mezcal it is the drink that should definitely be shared with Mexico and the world, it is the drink whose spirit everyone should drink . Then, touching the point of sharing our mezcal with Mexico, we are very happy to bring for you our unique flavor and mezcal tradition to a new point of sale in the Republic, and to be more precise in the capital: MisMezcales. Well, MisMezcales is “Miscelánea del mezcal” , that is, in its own words, it is a store specialized in mezcal and distillates dedicated to working with Mexican families producing quality mezcal either from Oaxaca or from any part of the Republic. So, for all our friends who live, are visiting or have plans to go to Mexico City and like to delight your palate experiencing the different flavors of a good artisan mezcal, you can find us in Coahuila # 138 local 2, Col. Roma ; and without asking for a bottle of mezcal Root Origin.  

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