We are Mexican families of Oaxacan origin and Duranguense root that we respect, value and protect our traditions, to share them with the world through our Mezcal, which in each drop transmits the great kind spirit that houses the master Mezcaleros.

From the origin of the Universe in the fields of Durango, roots arose that gave life to the characteristic Maguey Cenizo by its size, its imposing presence in the mountains and great resistance to the climatic changes. Magueyes that like its people are of hard character, persistent, but with a great

heart, heart that in every drop transmits the noble spirit of this land, THE MEZCAL FROM DURANGO.Its Maguey Cenizo is born among the hills of volcanic stone, characteristic and predominant in the región of Tuitán, name of Dios.


  • Committed to the countryside.
  • Committed to our people and traditions.
  • Small lots that give us quality and not quantity.
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