Our blessed Mezcal now closer to heaven

We are committed to the development of the different regions of the country, we promote the projects that trust the people and offer with quality the best experiences for the consumers.

Is why we join with the Mexican airline TAR to bring you all the flavor of our land and Mexico, we want to share the best of us, give you a sample of what is Mezcal Origen Raíz, our spiritual beverage.

In Origen Raíz we value ours, respect the tradition and deliver a quality product on the quantity, we want to share with the Mexicans our mezcal that every drop of our spiritual drink feel the spirit of our Earth.

We share with TAR values and we know the importance of our people, how important it is to offer the best care and service to our consumers, in words of tar “we seek to offer the best experience”.
You will find Mezcal Origen Raíz in the flights of TAR to the 25 destinations within the Republic, from Mexicali to Mérida without forgetting Oaxaca and Durango, where everything was born, continues the experience buying Origen Raíz in our shop virtual www.casamezcal.mx

That’s why we tell you to fly as you like, blessed the Mezcal that we share!

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