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About Us

We are Mexican families of Oaxacan origin and Duranguense root that we respect, value and protect our traditions, to share them with the world through our Mezcal, which in each drop transmits the great kind spirit that houses the master Mezcaleros.

The Mezcal

Mezcal is the product obtained from the distillation and rectification of musts prepared directly and originally whit the sugars from the mature heads of the previously cooked agaves. Among the categories of Mezcal are, Young, Mature, Reposado and Añejo.
Mezcal comes from the Word mezcalli “agave cooked”.
Mezcal is a 100% Mexican prehispanic drink.
Mezcal is the only liquid art we can drink.
Mezcal is a Mexican pride.


Our production is handmade, respecting the artisan form, as did our ancestors.

mezcal or VILMAEK

The Harvest

We select mature maguey ashes, which take up to 13 years to mature.

mezcal or cocion

The Harvest

We bake for about 4 days in cooking our maguey with oak wood and volcanic stones, which give a slight smoky touch. In addition, because it is a slow cooking, our maguey conserves all the natural nutrients of our earth.

mezcal or molienda


We chopped machete and crushed the pineapples by means of a fountain of pink quarry stone. This allows to preserve all the natural properties of the cooked Maguey.

mezcal origen raíz del espirítu


We deposit the must in open wooden tubs for spontaneous fermentation, it does not require the addition of yeasts or accelerants. The natural yeasts come from the nopales, yuccas, sotoles and magueyes that surround our Vinata.

destilado mezcal or.jpg


We perform two distillations in copper stills, taking care of the fire and the time to share our experience and spirit of more than 6 generations.

mezcal origen raiz perlado


With the pearl, the mezcalero master defines the balance of mezcal to appreciate the aromas of the earth, the agave delight the palate spirit.


Refurbishment of the maguey.
Use of recyclable materials and 100% natural.
Productions that do not harm the environment.


¿Quieres adquirir una botella Origen Raíz?, o necesitas información de la vinata o del mezcal, mándanos un correo electrónico y con gusto te atenderemos. Sé parte de la familia mezcalera y enamórate de la tradición.

Mezcal Origen Raíz

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